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Sara Twister

Born in India and raised in 4 Continents, Sara Schmidt as “Sara Twister” started out her career as a multi-skill circus-artist performing at high-end Galas, Corporate Events, Variety, and Dinner-shows with her world-class acts, both solo and as part of large-scale productions, and has been since twisting her way across festivals and stages Worldwide. She has trained in the art of contortion at the Escola Nacional de Circo in Rio de Janeiro, and under the tuition of world-renowned contortionists at the IVA International Variety Academy in Berlin, Germany. To become the Entertainer she is today, Sara spent the next years focusing on the art of “street-performing”, learning to attract and truly engage large audiences in the most authentic circumstances, as well as dedicate her circus practice to achieving what she would refer to as the “impossible thing”, otherwise known as the art of “acrobatic-archery”. In the summer of 2015, she added another string to her bow by combining this knowledge and expertise in the creation of her very own solo Show “Ready.Aim.Fire”, an archery show like no other, with which according to plan, she has begun to take over the world.

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